Writing places…

Tannis says:

“The corner of the cabin in Canada where I do a lot of my writing. The little pc is charged by a solar-powered battery and light is by kerosene lamps.”





“Unless I’m writing longhand on the deck at the edge of the lake as these two shots show…”













“In the UK – taking a break from writing. And cheers to you too!”

One thought on “Writing places…

  1. I am pleased to have found your website ,…I have visited your place last week . your design is quite special and it seems to have so many old european details, like the seat in the bedroom . the stairs . the contrefort in the meditative room .. the mezzanine, the bedroom, the sky lights and the bay windows are more modern ..so I imagine that it will be a fantastic place to write mysteries…..hope you are enjoying the large summer of Canada and that we will see you soon.

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