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‘To blog or not to blog’ writes my friend, author Robyn Murray, in her blog ( – then click on ‘Portnagolan Tales’ on her home page; Robyn writes wonderful illustrated children’s books). But back to her question…do I blog when I have something important to say? That seems a no-brainer until a gap of weeks then perhaps months go by. What are you, my readers, wanting from me? (Hey, that’s a real question and one I’d love you to answer below; Robyn would like the answer too, as she posed the original question.)

Or do I blog frequently about day-to-day things: writing, our house build in Northland, New Zealand, eating the low-carb way, our trips? There is no question that blogging distracts me away from serious writing and somehow fulfils my writing ‘itch’ for the day. Or days. And that’s not good.

Currently, I am working on several projects. I am about half way (about 40,000 words so far) into a sequel to Marcia’s Dead, a murder mystery that is engendering some interest from publishers (watch this space). I also do the Iron Writer’s Challenge each week and file the stories away for my second book of flash fiction stories. The first book of short shorts (My Take on the Iron Writers’ Challenges 1 – 26) is at my critique group now (they will report within the week) and it will be released very shortly.

Cover for 'My Take'

Cover for ‘My Take’

That reminds me: I am happy to send you an e-copy of My Take if you tell me where to send it. For free. Just because you’re reading this blog. Drop me an email with ‘My Take’ in the subject line to:


…and I’ll send you a copy prior to its official release – as soon as I make the changes recommended by my wonderful but tough critique group. There will be some. They always, always, always point the finger at something that needs tightening up. As I do to their work, of course. The growth in writing skills in our group is phenomenal. And it’s because we’ve learned to value that pointing finger.

So send your request for the e-book and you, as a reader of this blog, will be the first to receive it. For free, as I said. Do tell me which format you want it in – pdf or epub or a format kindle can handle.

3 thoughts on “My free e-book of short shorts…

  1. Great Blog Tannis – and thank you for the mention. You have encouraged me to update mine and I look forward to comments on “To Blog or not to Blog that is the question.” although after reading your latest two blogs I think the answer is – yes Blog away :D}

    • This worked fine, Muaaz. I didn’t know myself that this was a way to be in contact, but it works just fine. I have sent you your free copy of MY TAKE.

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